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TheHorseCourse is held up as an exemplar in it’s approach to evidencing the outcomes of it’s work.

A recent report published by NPC & CLINKS and peer reviewed by CSAAP (the academic panel at the Ministry of Justice) showed a 27 % point reduction in reoffending (where 10% is large).

A study by Bournemouth University is tracking the outcomes for our young people post-course at 2 months and 12 months and early results show that 80%+:
are less anxious (with 33% average improvement)
have reduced problem behaviours,
improved attendance/engagement at school
better relationships
increased self belief

1 page summary: Evidence to date 2018

We have a large body of evaluation from external academics and other experts, including papers in international peer reviewed academic papers.







The Royal College of Psychiatrists
General Adult Psychiatry Annual Conference 2018

Dr N Kosky – poster presentation of findings.



A Feasibility Study of an Equine Assisted Intervention for Children and
Young People with Mental Health and Behavioural Challenges, 2018

Professor Ann Hemingway, BU – oral presentation at Horses in Education & Therapy International 2018 Congress, Dublin

TheHorseCourse ReStart fulfils all elements of feasibility study and is therefore suitable for an RCT
95% completion rate across multiple cohorts
Over 70% show gains in 4 intermediate outcomes:
improved attendance and engagement with school/training/work
improved relationships
reduced problem behaviours
greater self belief


A Pilot Study of the Mechanism of Action of an Equine Assisted Intervention, 2018

BU, multi-discipinary team – oral presentation at Horses in Education & Therapy International 2018 Congress, Dublin



Summary: Evidence to date 2016

A summary of all the evaluation studies on our work and a snapshot of how the ReStart works.
Full copies of most of the studies are linked below.


Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy With Children and Adolescents: An Update and Literature Review 2015

Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, Jennifer A. Lentini & Michele S. Knox
TheHorseCourse identified in peer reviewed analysis as one of the most prominent equine-assisted methodologies.

Link to abstract on line


TheHorseCourse Youth Outcomes, 2015

33% average improvement in managing anxiety
29% average gain across eight core skills: Engagement, Calmness, Assertiveness, Focus & Perseverance, Empathy,
Realistic Planning, Communication, Responsibility
85% of participants increased attendance/engagement with education
80% of referrers attribute improvements to TheHorseCourse, (55% strongly)
Produced with support from Charities Evaluation Services (part of NCVO).



TheHorseCourse Evidence Review, working with Offenders 2015

Including Theory of Change and Contribution Analysis
27 % points reduction in reoffending
£8.30 return per £1 spent in prisons
Written in collaboration with New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) & CLINKS. Peer reviewed by the Correctional Services Accreditation & Advisory Panel (CSAAP), Ministry of Justice.



Moving Forward in Recovery

Pilot Summer/Autumn 2015

55% of participants shifted from disengaged/not progressing in treatment to attending and progressing. They attribute this change to the course.
On average they also made a 12% improvement on the 8 skills taught by TheHorseCourse.

Produced by EDP Drug & Alcohol Services (main service provider in the Southwest, UK)



Criminology Dissertation 2013

Rachel Natasha Thomas, BSc Applied Social Sciences, Southampton University.
A careful analysis of exit interviews with prisoner participants.